Strathmore Community Bank – Major Partner

❗ Major Sponsor Alert ❗

As we head not the 2nd half of the season Keilor FC would like to acknowledge that Strathmore Community Bank this year joined the Keilor Football Club as a major corporate partner, by contributing significantly to the build of the new coaches box / interchange area that all teams are using this year and beyond.

We thank Strathmore Community Bank for joining our football club for the first time and hope this is a long term-two way relationship, who have re invested $183 million dollars back into sporting and community projects throughout Australia.

How our club can ensure this is a two-way long-term relationship, is quite easy really – OPPORTUNITIES!

If you are looking to apply, change or simply review any of the below services Strathmore Community Bank offer support our new major corporate partner by simply giving them an opportunity.

We have already had some success with some of our existing corporate partners talking to talking to Aaron Hawkins (Business Development Manager) Strathmore Community Bank with success.

There are no promises either way, but every opportunity our football club provides Aaron and his team, provides a platform for a long-term partnership.

Please contact Aaron Hawkins on 9374 2607 if you would like to reach out and discuss any opportunity with Strathmore Community Bank.


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